Conwy Castle is now proudly on our packs

Published: 15 Mar, 2022
Conwy Castle Edwards

We have launched our colourful new branding which now proudly features the silhouette of Conwy Castle, as well as a landscape inspired by the hills and mountains of Wales.

Our founder, Ieuan Edwards began his business in 1984 on Conwy High Street, where we still have a shop in addition to our production headquarters just outside the town.

Ieuan said: “We’re very proud of our roots here in Conwy and of our heritage but we feel that ours is a brand for the whole of Wales and beyond, as well as our home town.

“Wales is somewhere that’s synonymous with high quality food. We know that the Welsh landscape and our lush green pastures are an important part of that and that’s why we’ve featured it on the new packaging.

“For example, all of our beef has PGI status – Protected Geographical Indication, meaning it has benefitted from the unique countryside and climate we have here in Wales, giving it a truly unique taste.

“We are Edwards the Welsh Butcher and that’s about moving the brand forward and emphasising the exceptional quality of our products and our passion for Wales as much as the food it produces.

“Although we’re growing, quality is still at the heart of everything we do. We still make these sausages with a similar machine to the one in our high street shop although that one is hand-powered.

“We are still using Red Tractor-approved premium pork shoulder to give the meaty bite and juicy taste our customers love.

“Our bacon is still dry-cured by hand in our production unit and I still have the final say on the quality of every new product.

“We are still creating and selling high-quality, artisan products but we are selling them to a wider customer base.”

Since 2004 our products are now stocked by all the major supermarkets in Wales and increasingly into England. In 2014 our original butcher’s shop was crowned Best Butchers Shop in the UK and has since three times been crowned Best Butchers Shop in Wales.

You can use our stockist locator to find place to buy our products near you. Or, most our our range is available UK-wide via Ocado.

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